Vesta Mamie Bascom was born March 17th, 1919 in Arkansas.

After marrying her husband Ferl, they relocated to Milton-Freewater, Oregon in the mid-1950s where Ferl was employed as a saw mill worker. They purchased a home and orchard on Cobb Road.

The couple enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, and hunting in the Pacific Northwest. They created an apiary and rented out beehives to orchards throughout the valley.

After her husband passed away, in the mid 1970’s, Vesta continued to run the family farm and apiary. She led an active life. She continued to hunt, fish and mushroom hunt until her sudden death on February 28, 2008 at the age of 88.

This bequest, entrusted with the Milton-Freewater Area Foundation, is to be used to aid students obtain a college education.

The scholarship shall be awarded to graduates of an Oregon State High School or homeschool. The School must be situated in any County East of the summit of the Cascade Mountains.



Edwin Hart Coe was born July 29, 1909 in Milton, Oregon. He was a true native son of the Milton Freewater area. He was the great grandson of W.S. Frazier, the founding father of the town of Milton. His maternal great grandfather, Horace Hart, was at the Spaulding Mission at Lapwaii, now Idaho, at the time of the Whitman Mission massacre. Edwin attended McLoughlin HS in the mid 1920’s.

He married Bernice on January 3, 1933. They raised two daughters and a son. He shared ownership and worked in a feed store in Freewater with his dad and brother.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of all school activities, especially FFA, track and football events, as well as, Mac-Hi choir director Jack Williams’s musicals and Honor Society functions in which his children participated. He was a part of a loyal band of community supporters who gathered at a local café for breakfast. This group became known as “The Booster Club”.

Though generous in his praise for high academic achievement, Edwin was always very inspired by the student who wanted to go on to college, not because of a high GPA, but because of a strong work ethic. A student who had the ability to set a goal that was beyond that of his home, to get on track even if he was a late bloomer.

Edwin passed away May 9, 1960. This scholarship is administered by the Milton-Freewater Area Foundation.



Lela was born July 27, 1887 and Earl was born January 2, 1889 to Frances and William Hardee Frazier. They were the grandchildren of W.S. Frazier, the founding father of Milton, Oregon. They were raised in the house at 1403 Chestnut St, now known as the Frazier Farmstead Museum. Both attended local schools. Earl was a cattleman and a farmer. Lela worked at the Milton Post Office in the early 1920’s and also assisted her parents and brother in the family cattle and farming business. The family was one of the largest land owners in eastern Oregon. They ran 300 head of cows and owned 5,000 acres of farm ground, forest and cattle range.

Both brother and sister never married. They resided in the family home on Chestnut St until their death. Earl passed away September 3, 1978 at the age of 89. Lela passed away December 19, 1983 at the age of 95.

Through the years, Lela kept the home at 1403 Chestnut St. in beautiful condition, protecting and caring for the Victorian treasures and furnishings of her parents and grandparents. At her death, she left her estate to the Milton Freewater Area Foundation, with a request that if it were possible, she wanted the property to become a museum. Its purpose would be to house memories and artifacts of the early pioneers of the Walla Walla valley. Pursuant with her wishes, the property was allocated to the Milton-Freewater Historical Society. The Frazier Farmstead Museum was opened to the public in 1984. And in 1985, the museum was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In her will, Lela also requested a scholarship to be established in Earl and her name. It is administered by the Milton-Freewater Area Foundation.



John was born June 9, 1926 in Pendleton, Oregon. He grew up in Pendleton,

graduating from PHS in 1943. He served with the US Navy in the Philippines at the end of World War II. He attended Eastern Oregon College in LaGrande, graduating in 1947, with a degree in food sciences.

He married Fran on June 24, 1950. The couple lived in Santa Cruz, Ca. where he was employed by Birdseye, a food processing company. In 1960, they moved to Walla Walla where he took a job with Lamb-Weston, also a food processing company. He and his family later moved to Milton-Freewater. In 1975, Mr. Hendricks started his own food processing company known as “Watermill Foods”.

He and his wife raised four daughters and a son. He was involved in civic and school related activities. He was named Man of the Year in 1989 by the Milton Freewater Chamber of Commerce. He served on the McLoughlin HS Board of Directors in the early 1970’s.

He enjoyed golf, electronics, sports and spending time at his cabin at Langdon Lake in the Blue Mountains.

John passed away November 11, 1993. This scholarship was established in his name by his family and is administered by the Milton-Freewater Area Foundation.



Nathan Allen Jay was born during World War II in Bremerton, Washington; just prior to Christmas of that year on December 23, 1944. He would later succumb to heart disease relatively young on November 29 1995; just shortly before his 51st birthday.

He was a graduate of Mac-Hi in 1963; and, was an honor student during his two years at Mac-Hi. He had started high school in the small community of Umapine, Oregon; and then transferred to Mac-Hi when the family moved to Milton-Freewater.

He served in the Oregon National Guard; and, was a heavy equipment operator. He was very proud of his guard duties; and, also spent a number of years working in the union headquarters in Portland.

He never married, nor did he have any children. He left his mother, Juanita Hope Jay, a financial legacy at the time of his death. She then had the financial benefit of those funds until her own death on June 27, 1997.

Mrs. Jay was a 1933 graduate of Mac-Hi, and went to high school during the depth of the Great Depression of the 1930’s. She had to go to work for her own needs and those of her extended family as well. Her’s was not an unique story for that period of time; and, had an ever lasting impact on her.

Unlike her older sisters, she was unable to go and get additional education or training; and, she was always regretful about that fact. She did not want others to have to endure what she and so many of her friends had to experience in being denied further education.

She was a proud daughter of Milton-Freewater, and was born October 8, 1913 in Milton, Oregon, the daughter of Henry Gustav and Anna Jeannette Laurence Beckius. She would later marry Orville “Elmo” Jay on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1937, in Walla Walla.

They would have four sons; Steve, Nathan, John and Christopher and she was for years a homemaker until her husband’s death in 1968. Fairly late in life, she got her Oregon driver’s license, and set off to work in the area canneries and fruit packing houses to earn her own way. She became a very independent woman; who liked making her own decisions. She definitely had one decision in mind for a long time.

She mentioned often that with the proceeds of Nathan’s funds left to her, she wanted to do something special for Mac-Hi graduates; who, like she so many years before, did not have adequate funds to explore their own longer term academic potential.

Respecting these wishes, the scholarship was established through the Milton-Freewater Area Foundation to do just as she had long wished. It is with this goal in mind, that the Nathan Allen Jay and Juanita Hope Jay Scholarship exists today.

(Written by Christopher Jay)



The Milton-Freewater Area Foundation was founded in 1962 for the purpose of creating a trust for charitable and educational uses in our community. The Foundation has been successful because of the generous estate gifts and memorial contributions from members of this community. These were wonderful, caring people, leaving a legacy for the future of Milton-Freewater.

Over the years, the MF’AF has made a serious impact on this community by granting well over a million dollars. It has given out thousands of dollars in dedicated scholarships to our local high school graduates going on to college. And, it has gifted funds to numerous organizations that many people in our community have benefited. A few examples are: the MF Valley Public Library, Special Olympics, Breadbasket, the Downtown Alliance, domestic violence programs, Hospice, MF Senior Center, MF Youth Services through Horizon Project, Jr. Show, choir, band, sports, school field trips, special school projects and renovation of athletic facilities.

Maybe someday you, too, can leave a legacy for the future of this community by giving to the Milton-Freewater Area Foundation. PASS IT FORWARD!



Pat was born to James and Bernice Murphy on January 29, 1937. He was an ambitious young person raised on the family farm on Winesap Road in Milton-Freewater, OR. He was their only child and the pride of his parents. He helped his parents take care of the farm. He developed a keen interest in fanning and raising animals. Pat was an outstanding student at Mac-Hi. He was involved in many school and community activities. He was a member of the FFA, National Honor Society, played saxophone in the high school band and played in a swing band at many local gatherings. He also played on the football and basketball teams. On September 4, 1953, 16 year old Pat was fatally injured in a car accident on his way to the Walla Walla Fair to care for his award winning pigs.

His parents, Jim and Bernice, were outstanding agriculturists in the community. Jim, not only raised fruit and farm animals, he was an excellent craftsman and sheet metal worker. Bernice excelled in horticultural activities. She grew many flowers and plants in her greenhouse and received an award from the Blue Mountain Horticultural Society. She also worked many years in the local fruit packing houses.

Bernice passed away December 1983. After James’s passing in 1998, the Murphy estate (Will) established a scholarship in remembrance of their son, Pat. This scholarship is administered by the Milton-Freewater Area Foundation.


The G.B. Pesciallo Memorial Agricultural Scholarship

The G.B. Pesciallo Memorial Agricultural Scholarship was established by Bert and Rose Pesciallo, in honor of Bert’s father, to further young people’s education in agriculture.

G.B. Pesciallo came to Oregon in the early 1900’s from a tiny village in Northern Italy. He carried with him the hope of a better life and some Italian grape vines that he freely shared with other Italians in the Walla Walla area. Those vines later became the basis of Bert’s Blue Mountain Vineyard and Winery, one of the first registered wineries in Oregon and the Walla Walla Valley.

G.B. indentured himself to a rancher in eastern Oregon to earn money. He then purchased 40 acres of rocky ground located between Freewater and Umapine and hand dug his well. With his wife Elivia and six children, he raised grapes, Italian prunes, apples, cherries, cantaloupe, and various vegetables.

G.B loved being a farmer and instilled the lifelong love of farming in his sons, Bert and John. Both sons farmed their share of the “home place” well into their eighties. The century old farm is a part of the newly designated Rocks District and remains operational today.

Today’s farmers must learn and use new and better farming practices as well as time-tested ones. To aid in the success of young farmers who love farming as much as the Pesciallo family, Bert established this scholarship at McLoughlin Union High School in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. This scholarship is administered by the Milton Freewater Area Foundation.

Pronunciation of the name Pesciallo begins with a short `11′ or schwa sound . . . pu-SHAW-lo. . . with a long ‘o’ at the end.

The Mac-Hi 2016 Scholarship Fund

The McLoughlin High School 2016 Scholarship Fund was established to recognize the significance of the year 2016 in the Milton-Freewater School District History. The MFUSD passed the first bond issued in over thirty years and is building the first school in almost a century. The purpose of the fund will be to award scholarships to graduating Mac-Hi seniors to help pay to further their education.

Tom S. Hinton Scholarship Fund

Tom was born October 3, 1936, at home in Enterprise, Oregon.  Spending his early childhood at the family ranch in the Chesnimnus area of Wallowa County, Tom started first grade at Elk Mountain School where his mother was his teacher. His early school years included riding horseback to a one-room schoolhouse with a large woodstove and an outhouse. By junior high, he was attending class in a multi-grade schoolhouse with electricity and running water. He graduated from Wallowa High School in 1954.

Tom was involved in 4-H, FFA and school athletics, being a member of the football team winning the Class B State Champion title against Drain, Oregon, in 1953 and showing livestock at the Pacific International Livestock Show while in high school.

Tom spent his entire adult life in the Milton Freewater area actively involved in the Milton Freewater Junior Show, Union Stock Show, Umatilla County Fair, Southeastern Washington Fair and Pendleton Junior Show, civic organizations and as a member of the First Christian Church.

Music was also a large part of Tom’s life, a self-taught guitar player, who played for dances, weddings and funerals.

Tom was proud that both of his children, and all four of his grand-children, held either a Bachelor and/or Master degree from four year institutions.