Milton-Freewater Area Foundation

320 N Columbia

Milton-Freewater, OR 97862

The MFAF was founded in 1962 for the purpose of creating a trust for charitable and educational uses in our community. The Foundation board is made up of 5 local members of our community and the trust is managed by Baker Boyer Bank. The Foundation has been successful because of the generous estate gifts and memorial contributions from members of our community and the surrounding area, leaving a legacy for the future of Milton-Freewater.

Over the years, the Foundation has made a serious impact on this community in the amount of well over a million dollars. For further information about the Foundation or how to apply for grants or scholarships or to make contributions, contact Luis Alvarez, MFAF director, Baker Boyer Bank (Milton-Freewater Branch), 320 N Columbia, Milton-Freewater, Or 97862

The Milton-Freewater Area Foundation distribution committee meets on a quarterly basis (Mar, June, Sept, and Dec) to decide on funding. Applicants will be notified about grant request after the quarterly meeting has concluded.

Please direct any questions to the Milton-Freewater Area Foundation director Luis Alvarez at 509-526-­1264 or by email to Application may be submitted by email or delivered to 320 N Columbia, Milton-Freewater, OR 97862 Attn: Milton-Freewater Area Foundation/ Luis Alvarez